Center for Transformative Education

BBIP - Pictures from Previous Programs


(Al-Haram A-Sharif/Temple Mount, Jerusalem) Generally known to Muslims as Al-Haram A-Sharif and to Jews as the Temple Mount, students take a short rest during a tour of this important religious epicenter, with the famous Dome of the Rock shining in the background.


(Haifa) Jewish Israeli Amit Perelson sharing some of his activist experiences with BBIP students.



(Al-Arakib) A Bedouin leader of Al-Arakib, a so-called ‘unrecognized village’ in the Negev/Naqab,
explains to students what has happened to his community from 2010-11.



(Jerusalem) Students hearing about a Shoah/Holocaust survivor’s experiences during WWII at Yad Vashem, Israel’s Shoah museum complex.


(Ramallah) Students at the mausoleum of former President Yassir Arafat. Following this site  visit students heard from two Palestinian BBIP staffers on their personal thoughts on the former leader.


(Tel Aviv) Students at the Israeli Independence Hall museum.


(Mount Gerizim, Nablus) Students hear from Husney Cohen, a Samaritan priest, at a bus stop 300 yards away from the Samaritan Museum, which Cohen directs. Though Samaritans identify as the authentic descendents of the biblical Children of Israel and do not identify as Jews, Palestinians know them as al-yahud a’samara, the Samaritan Jews, adding another unique layer to the identity politics of the region.


(Haifa) Students at the base of the beautiful Baha’i Gardens, a renowned landmark in this coastal


(Jerusalem) Students on a tour of the United Nations Office for the Coordination of Human Affairs, after which they met with several other staffers who work there as well as UN soldiers.


(Ush Gharab) Students with some down time at a park/playground/restaurant complex that used to be an IDF military base.


(Jenin) BBIP student posing with a group of Palestinian kids after an intense day in Nablus and Jenin.


(Negev/Naqab) Students riding camels at the end of a day focusing on the varied Bedouin communities in Israel, such as those involved in the country’s tourist industry and those who view this very trade as a form of exploitation.


(Jaffa) Students relaxing on the beach following a tour of the old and new cities of Jaffa.